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    Two very proud parents with one of our 2013 Award winners

  • /media/14479/magician 2.png

    Our 2011 Magician entertaining our Nominees

  • /media/14500/pink bus.png

    A Nominee arriving to the 2012 Awards in a pink limo-bus!

Our People

Our fantastic Trustees, Patrons, Ambassadors and Volunteers donate endless hours of their time to our cause. 

From organising events, to arranging prizes, handling nominations, marketing, merchandise, donations and dealing with the media - our People do it all (including some actually taking part in events themselves!)

These people are a credit to the charity, and we appreciate everything they do for the to help drive  Bravehearts of the North East forward and to continue raising awareness.

Our TrusteesChris Metcalf, John Dunn, Pam Air, Robin Alexander, Jon Winter, Eamonn Leavey, Roger Wood, David Ferguson, Jim Knight, Chris Blaxall, Ian Shanks, Lee Clayton, Rob Hart, David Hodgkins

Our Chairman: John Dunn

Our Secretary: David Ferguson

Our Patrons: Billy Coats &  Mark Knopfler

Our Ambassador:  Mike Williamson (Newcastle United FC) 

Our Founder:  Robin Alexander

Our Treasurer:  Jon Winter